LIBERATED in sober skin

Calm anxiety and feel confident sober without needing to leave the house, talk to anyone or the 12 steps.


Calm Anxiety + Feel Confident, Sober


...without needing to leave the house, talk to anyone or the 12 steps.


Imagine if you had...

  • Your confidence back so you could rock it in your business or at work like you used to, to show up authentically and be seen, or you had the confidence to become your own boss.
  • Techniques to instantly calm emotional overwhelm whether it's fear, guilt, shame, anger, loneliness, doubt...
  • Courage to do all the things including driving on freeways, flying in airplanes, public speaking, growing your business, traveling around the world or even just leaving the house.
  • ​An abundance of energy to enjoy life and fulfill your potential because you no longer had intense anxiety or anxiety attacks.
  • Freedom from cross addictions like food, attention and unhealthy relationships...
  • ​Total belief in yourself and self acceptance instead of people pleasing and being dominated by what other people think of you allowing you to live in alignment with your truth.

After completing the course,

you'll know how to... 

  • Instantly calm and relax your mind and body.
  • ​Use anxiety aftercare to minimize getting re-triggered.
  • ​​​Soothe yourself into sleep with calming practices.
  • Calm intense emotions so you can create your life from choice instead of being controlled by emotions.
  • Breakthrough fear and doubt so you can struggle less while pursuing your dreams.
  • Get freedom from cross-addictions in recovery.
  • Use your consciousness to heal your past so you can enjoy the present while creating your desired future.
  • Truly let go of worry and ruminating thoughts.
  • Love the shit out of yourself!!
  • Radiate joy, align with your truth and create a courageous life vision aligned with your life purpose and soul goals.

Meet your guide Kirsten, the Sobriety Bestie

When I got sober in 2009, I was afraid of almost everything, including leaving the house. All I wanted was to feel comfortable in my skin.

Alcohol and anxiety almost killed me, I knew I couldn't drink again. But at the same time, I couldn't live with all the anxiety attacks, emotional overwhelm and insecurity that terrorized me in early sobriety. I could barely work, let alone focus!

Desperate, I flew around the world seeking out teachers, gurus, trainings... I fully devoted myself to finding a way out, to calming my overwhelmed inner world.

It worked! I healed my anxiety and went from phobias of freeway driving, public speaking and dogs to driving 13,000 miles across USA, sharing all my secrets in a TEDx talk and falling in love with my furry bestie, Luna.

I'm also no longer afraid of leaving the house and have been living overseas and traveling the world since 2014. I'm here to guide you to freedom.

How the course works...

You'll get instant access to lesson 1 and all of the guided audio experiences today.

There are 12 lessons total which you can do weekly. BUT some students like to go through it with more urgency, so you'll receive each new lesson every 3 days which spans 33 days.

You'll have lifetime of course access so you can take your time or re-watch as desired.

The Journey 


The Practice

Simple daily practice to shift your mind and body into a connected and regulated calm. 


ABCs of Anxiety

Practical techniques to instantly calm anxiety, anxiety attacks and emotional overwhelm. 


Anxiety Aftercare

Quickly recover from anxiety and overwhelm while rewiring your nervous system for peace.


Befriend The Sensations

Your new super power, reduce or end any intense emotion in less than 90 seconds.


Micro Addictions + Emotional Sobriety

Liberation from the grip of micro addictions and intense emotions.


Self Love + Compassion

Cultivate the best healer, your own self compassion, to radically heal your mind, heart and soul.


Investing in Freedom

Simple strategies and quick techniques to expand your capacity for courage.


Anxiety Freedom

Practical tool to legitimately let go of obsessive or ruminating thoughts and worries. 


Courage Plan

Blueprint to courageously live your dreams, from ending phobias to achieving heart and soul goals.


Inner Alignment

Heal any hidden self betrayal, victimhood or imposter syndrome and align with your authentic self.


Radiating Joy

Super simple and potent technique to drop into genuine confidence while coming alive.


Soul Purpose

Explore your soul work, your life mission, and create a clear vision for years to come.

Your Bonuses! 


End People Pleasing

You'll learn my powerful technique to transform guilt while ending people pleasing for good!


Sensual Asana

Your new favorite 3 minute feel good morning practice to expand your body, mind and soul.


How I went from early sobriety anxiety attacks and emotional overwhelm to living a life of freedom...


Liberation my students and clients experienced:


Join us in LIBERATED and you'll receive:

📍4 modules of transformative content

📍12 potent video lessons

📍12 corresponding worksheets

📍BONUS guided audio experiences

📍Lifetime of LIBERATED course updates

 Total Investment: $555 USD


Choose how you want to invest in your freedom:






5 PAYMENTS OF $111 (2 weeks apart)


Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I have to be sober to join? 

No. Most of my students are sober but I also have students who join my programs or work with me because they are interested in the deep healing work and radical transformation. If you want to calm anxiety, calm emotions or embody genuine sober confidence, you are welcome. The bottom line is that if you feel called to join us, trust it, we'd love to have you.

Is LIBERATED for women only? 

No, LIBERATED is open to everyone. It's an a home study course that you can do on your own schedule. If you are feeling called to join, you are welcome.

What if I'm in active addiction? 

LIBERATED is not designed to get people sober, it's designed to guide people into deeper emotional healing work including emotional sobriety. Our focus is on thriving. The techniques and practices inside LIBERATED are helpful to all humans because the core of what I teach is how to calm your inner world and align with your truth. If you are struggling from active addiction you may need medical detox, rehab, therapy or another program to help you quit. We do cover a way out from "secondary addictions" that may appear or be present after we quit drinking.

Can I do this instead of (or along with) AA? 

Yes. LIBERATED is very different than AA. Some of my students do not want AA or its 12 steps, or they are in AA and love it but they want deeper healing. LIBERATED evolved with the latest neuroscience, healing and trauma research. We focus on thriving and are trauma informed with an embodiment approach to healing, guiding you into feeling at home (comfortable) in your skin and aligning with your heart and intuition which supports your overall integration and well being. 

Is it possible to heal anxiety? 

Yes! It's absolutely possible to heal intense anxiety. Inside LIBERATED you'll learn the techniques and tools that have helped my students and clients calm anxiety and anxiety attacks over the past decade. I teach you why it works, how it works then guide you through the practices to calm anxiety. You'll emerge with a new relationship with your inner world including anxiety. Check out the testimonials to see my student's results...

What if I don't change in 3 months? 

Most of us wonder this (or fear this!) as we embark on a new transformational adventure. It's normal to fear change or even not changing. While it's not possible to guarantee specific individual results, what I can say is that the students who show up and do the work tend to be blown away by their transformation and who they've become in the process. Be sure to watch the video testimonials on this page to hear them gush about their growth and newfound freedom.

Do you offer refunds? 

No. All sales are final due to the downloadable nature of the course and refunds will not be issued for LIBERATED in sober skin.

I want you to love your experience with LIBERATED. So if LIBERATED is not what you're looking for, you have 10 days to return it for a full refund guaranteed. You've got nothing to lose : )

Your next steps on the LIBERATED journey:

    1. ​When you sign up today, you'll get instant access to lesson one and the bonuses inside LIBERATED in sober skin.
    2. There are 12 weekly lessons total and you'll receive a new lesson every 3 days so you can go through the course a little quicker if you are feeling the call or simply do one per week
    3. There may also be additional bonuses and trainings as LIBERATED continues to evolve based on student feedback and requests : )
    4. Have fun! The adventure you're embarking on is truly the journey of a lifetime, the journey to embodying genuine confidence so that you can live your best life and do the work your soul came here to do.

    If you're feeling the call, I'd love to have you inside LIBERATED in sober skin!




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