The night I got out of rehab

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Getting Out of Rehab

 The night I got out of rehab, back in October 2009, I went to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.


I didn't want to say, "I'm an alcoholic" nor join what felt like a cult.


BUT I was also scared sh!tless of dying so I somehow found the courage to walk in the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Keep in mind, I'm just sharing my story of getting sober and early sobriety and am not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous.


I do not recommend going to Alcoholics Anonymous or not going to AA -- there's no way I could know what YOU should do..!


What I did the night I got out of rehab:



If you're deep in it now, remember, "this too shall pass." 


One step at a time we can walk ourselves into an entire new life.



The night I got out of rehab

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