The last time I got drunk

getting sober Sep 23, 2022


The last time I got drunk was in September 2009, right before I went to rehab for alcohol.

Back then, I was morning drinking and agoraphobic (afraid to leave the house).

For sure I had alcohol use disorder and going to rehab was one of the best decisions (if not the best) that I've ever made.

Here's the story of the last time I got drunk:



If you're in the midst of it now, getting slammed by alcohol or contemplating going to rehab, please know that there is life on the other side (and getting sober is possible).

As cheesy or annoying as it may sound, one day at a time, we can live without alcohol.


I'm certainly not special, just one chick on the internet who after years of alcohol abuse hit rock bottom and DECIDED to choose life.

Ultimately I choose to LIVE.



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