Telling people that you're sober


It's wild how hard it can feel to type these two words on the internet for. the. first. time...
I was already 5 years sober the first time I did, it was back in 2014 on my 5 year soberversary.
And of course if telling people that you are sober has been stressing you out, you certainly don't have to. There's no rule that says certain things must be shared, and certainly no bonus points for betraying yourself.
But it also may feel dishonest in a way, like you want people who are struggling to know sobriety is possible, and you want to be fully YOU, without hiding huge aspects of your life, like that you are sober!
Interestingly, we'll broadcast our booze life without a second thought, posing almost proudly with our wine, beer or cocktail.

Then we MAKE THE HARD AF DECISION to get sober,

something that takes immense courage,
something to
truly. be. proud. of...
Beginning anew on a healthier path, to uncover who we truly are, to align with why we are here, and to live as our truest selves, without anesthetizing our inner world...


This is tremendous courage.
Yet we feel.... s h a m e
Shame is a lie.
Shame is always a lie.
There is nothing wrong with you.
There was never anything wrong with you.
It's NOT POSSIBLE for anything to be wrong with anyone.

Self acceptance is the path out.

And the day will come,
as it does with everything,
where our inner wisdom sends the memo,
that it is time to shed, share, express, bloom...
And in your own guided timing,
aligned with your own deeper truth,
you will drop more fully into the courageous sober bad*ss you are,
and give zero f*cks about sharing your soul truth.

The RECOVERY is recovering our... 

s e l f - r e s p e c t

to move from living in self betrayal,
to living in a radical commitment of honoring the wisdom inside
to being fully ourselves.
And only YOU will know when it's time to share different parts of yourself with the people, the internet and the world.
I believe learning to FULLY TRUST ourselves,
to grant ourselves permission to fully bloom into our uniqueness,
is the greatest journey to be on.

The recovery is to feeling at home in our body, heart and soul.




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