My first day sober

getting sober

 My first day sober was also my first day in rehab back on September 29, 2009.


It was the scariest day of my life.


It was also one of the most transformative days of my life because getting sober changed everything.


But getting sober wasn't easy.


It's not easy to be faced with so much anxiety, emotional overwhelm and uncertainty. And for a lot of us it means we're in the midst of changing our entire lives.


What I can say is that sobriety is possible.


And being on the journey of getting to know our true self is the best. In sobriety, we GET to find out who we are (and why we are here)!.


Here's my story of my first day sober:



I hope there's something that I mention in here that gives you some hope, removes some shame and helps you feel less alone in your sobriety journey.


Wishing you much peace and freedom on your sober journey. 



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