How to know if you're an alcoholic

getting sober

 Are you wondering how to know if a person is alcoholic?


Or maybe how to know if you are an alcoholic?


Or maybe you're specifically looking for an alcoholic test or alcoholic quiz.


If so, you're not alone, I wondered the same thing before I got sober in 2009 and searched online for an alcoholic quiz.


In the United States, alcoholism is not a diagnosis. 


This is true for many other countries as well. What may be considered alcohol dependency and alcohol addiction are officially called alcohol use disorder (AUD). 


According to the DSM-5, a diagnostic tool used in the U.S., anyone meeting any 2 of the 11 criteria (questions from the quiz) during the same 12-month period would receive a diagnosis of AUD.


Alcohol use disorder is a spectrum condition with severity of AUD—mild, moderate, or severe—based on the number of criteria met.


Here's the AUD questions or criteria: 






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