Going to rehab for alcohol

getting sober Sep 30, 2022


Quitting drinking, getting sober and going to rehab for alcohol can feel super scary.

BUT it also can be super transformative in the best way.

The day I went to rehab for alcohol was probably the scariest day of my life.

So if you're scared, YES, this is scary, very scary.

And also THIS IS COURAGE because you are doing it.

You are courageous!

If you're quitting drinking, getting sober and or going to rehab -- your life has the potential a powerful and beautiful turn.

If you were on your way to rehab right now, this is what I'd say to you...



Here's a little bit about what my specific rehab was like for me: 



Please remember, whether you're quitting drinking, getting sober and or going to rehab, that...


This is courage.



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