The Early Sobriety Emotional Rollercoaster

early sobriety emotional sobriety

A lot of us get sober and it's like suddenly it feels like we're strapped into an early sobriety emotional rollercoaster.


Our anxiety is through the roof then the next moment we get flooded with anger, guilt, grief, shame, loneliness...


There can be many reasons WHY we feel like we are on an early sobriety emotional rollercoaster.


Some of these are directly correlated with quitting drinking, others may become apparent once we get sober:


  1. Our brains are balancing out after drinking (a sh!t ton of) alcohol, some of this can be what's called Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)
  2. Our original pain or trauma is no longer medicated with alcohol leaving our nervous system dysregulated (and ready for healing)
  3. We're also getting off things like benzos and our brain is returning to homeostasis (benzo withdrawal or benzo PAWS)
  4. Genetics, sensitivities or neurodivergence may have us tend towards a dysregulated nervous system in today's world
  5. We lack adequate skills to self soothe, regulate and relax without alcohol
  6. Our environment may be toxic, either relationally or things like chemicals, mold, electromagnetic fields, pesticides...


Regardless of WHY we might be on an early sobriety emotional rollercoaster,


there's simple things we can do to feel more at ease NOW and for the LONG TERM.


In the video below I dive deep on emotions in early sobriety and share 4 things you can do to help your sober emotions calm down.




How to get off the early sobriety emotional rollercoaster:





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